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Chongqing FJ Technology Co., Ltd has been engaged in the foreign trade of generator sets for more than 15 years, the main business is to provide generator sets of different horsepower segments from leading brands. Other business lines include hybrid energy control systems, transformers, alternator, silent generator, ATS and solutions.

FJT with its own strength, industry influence and excellent performance, long-term and international well-known enterprises to maintain a good cooperative relationship with South Korea DOOSAN DAEWOO, CUMMINS, VOLVO, Mercedes Benz (MTU), PERKINS, Shangchai, STAMFORD, FARADAY and so on.

We have been cooperating with customers from many countries for more than 10 years including Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries, Mali, Egypt and other African countries, Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru and other American countries, Spain, Italy and other European countries.



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FJT is a professional agency of diesel generator sets and related power distribution facilities at home and abroad. We have accumulated many years of development experience in the power generation equipment industry, and have a large number of senior professional and technical personnel in the industry. We are a new type of enterprise integrating domestic and overseas sales and after-sales service.

Our Product

Our products meet the following standards: ISO8528, GB/T2820-97, GB755, BS5000, VDE0530, ISO3046, IED34-1, GB1105, CSA22-2, AS2359, ISO14001, etc.

Our main products are diesel generator sets of CUMMINS, DOOSAN, GOOGOL, VOLVO, MTU, PERKINS, SHANGCHAI, YUCHAI, WEICHAI and products cover a wide range. We have successively developed various types of generator sets such as stationary, mobile, environmental protection, plateau, and container types, as well as automatic switching, automatic parallel screen and other related products, which can realize three remote control remote operations and high-tech microelectronics, and achieve a good combination of technology and modern network communication technology.

Windmaker’s products are widely used in finance, energy and chemical industry, transportation, railways, hotels, hospitals, oil fields, military industry, real estate, factories and municipalities, etc., especially in field operations such as bridges, tunnels, and mines, and have won unanimous praise from users.

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The generator sets have strict standards from production, installation to acceptance. We formulate an implementation plan according to the actual situation of the project, and strictly implements it from organization to staff training. The whole company, from the project manager to the technical personnel and after-sales service personnel, strongly guarantees the implementation of various tasks of the project to achieve the desired effect and improve the quality of project completion and customer satisfaction.


We have been working closely with many leading brands in the fields of generator set, control system and alternator to provide customers with high quality products and excellent service.

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