FJT Solutions – Architectural Building Solutions can support the normal operation of all types of architectural buildings and facilities around the world. Buildings have a wide range of applications, such as lighting, electrical appliances, elevators, etc. in office buildings, high-rise buildings, residences, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, post offices, and schools. insufficient. Diesel Generator Sets for Real Estate: Shangchai Generator, Shanghai Shendong Diesel Generator Set, Shanghai Qianneng Diesel Generator Set

Product Requirements and Challenges

1. Working conditions

The unit can work reliably under the following conditions, output power, and can work continuously for 24 hours at rated power output (including 10% overload for 1 hour every 12 hours);


The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters;


The lower limit of the ambient temperature is -15 C°, the upper limit is 40 C°, and other environmental units can be selected.

2. Low working noise

Low noise to support the normal operation of buildings and facilities of all types around the world.

3. Main and necessary protective devices

The unit start mode is selected as automatic start mode. The unit must have AMF (automatic mains failure) function and be equipped with ATS to realize automatic start. When the mains power fails and the starting time delay is < 20 seconds (adjustable), the unit can be automatically started (a total of three consecutive automatic start functions), and the mains/genset full-load switching time is < 20 seconds, which fully meets the time required for inputting the load Less than 30 seconds, after the mains power is restored, the unit will run for 0-300 seconds and then automatically stop after cooling (adjustable).

4. Stable performance and strong reliability

The mean interval between failures of the unit is not less than 1000 hours;


In terms of technical performance, the no-load voltage setting range of the unit is 95-105% of the rated voltage.


The generator set with excellent and stable performance is designed with low noise and equipped with PLC-5220 control system with AMF function. By connecting with ATS, it can ensure that once the main power supply of the building is cut off, the alternative power supply system must be able to provide power immediately. Stability, low noise, AMF function and ATS equipment make it meet the special requirements of buildings and support the normal operation of all types of buildings and facilities around the world.


1. Provide a full set of products and solutions, reduce the user’s requirements for mastering product technology, and make the use and maintenance of the unit easier;


2. The control system has AMF function, which can be automatically started, and has automatic shutdown and alarm functions under multiple monitoring;


3. ATS is optional, and the built-in ATS can be selected for small units;


4. Ultra-low noise power generation, the noise level of the unit below 30KVA is below 60dB(A) at 7 meters;


5. The performance is stable, and the mean interval between failures of the unit is not less than 1000 hours;


6. The unit is small in size, and some devices can be selected to meet the operating requirements of cold and high temperature regions;


7. Customized design and development can be made for the special needs of some customers.

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