300-400kW Cummins K19N-G Biogas Generator Set

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Cummins Biogas Engine
Model 50Hz,1500RPM 60Hz,1800RPM
Engine Generator set Engine Generator set
Continuous (kWm) Continuous (kW) Continuous (kWm) Continuous (kW)
K19N-G1B 343 300
K19N-G2B 343 300
K19N-G3B 388 350
K19N-G3BS 388 350
K19N-G4B 450 400
K19N-G4BS 450 400



Product Parameters
K19N K38N K50N
Gas type Natural Gas/Biogas Natural Gas/Biogas Natural Gas/Biogas
Knox emissions 500mg NOx 500mg NOx 500mg NOx
Oil consumption <0.2g/kW.h <0.2g/kW.h <0.2g/kW.h
Brake thermal efficiency Max 38 % Max 42 % Max 45 %
Thermal efficiency 45% 45% 45%
Gas pressure 7-35kPa 5-20kPa 5-20kPa
LHV 215MJ/m³(400BTU/ft³) 215MJ/m³(400BTU/ft³) 215MJ/m³(400BTU/ft³)
Methane number ≥75 ≥75 ≥75
Cooling System 2 Pump 2 Loop 2 Pump 2 Loop 2 Pump 2 Loop
Oil capacity 64-72L 140-166L 172-204L
JW Capacity 35L 106L 140L
AC Capacity 5L 43L 43L
Ambient temperature -25-45°C -25-45°C -25-45°C
Spark plug life 4000 (Hours) 4000 (Hours) 4000 (Hours)
Maintenance interval 1000 (Hours) 1000 (Hours) 1000 (Hours)
Weight 2100kg 4000kg 5800kg
Length x Width x Height 2060×1075×1910 mm 2200×1650×2100 mm 2700×1650×2100 mm



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