S11 S13 S14 SH15 Capacity 30KVA to 2500KVA 6kV 10kV Three-phase Two Winding Oil Immersed Transformer with OCTC

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Distribution transformer is usually pole mounted or installed in distribution station for daily lighting and factory power whose LV output up to 0.4kV. The rating of transformer is up to 2500kVA, and primary voltage up to 35kV. Hermetically sealed distribution transformer manufactured by us are with corrugated radiators. The corrugated tank as a thermal expansion and contraction components enable the transformer oil completely isolated with the atmosphere.
Distribution transformer with primary voltage range of 6,10,10.5,20,35kV can be manufactured according to the requirement of client.

Product Features
  1. Distribution transformer is optimally designed by patented technology and software. Its performance parameters and requirements meet the Chinese National Standards GB1094, GB/T6451, GB/T25446 and so on.
  2. The core is made of high quality cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheet which produced in step-lap technology by automatic core lamination line from GEORG Germany.
  3. The oil tank is corrugated type and fabricated by Germany
    GEORG ultra corrugation tank wall production lines. Tank surface pre-treatment liquid and coating powder adopts international top brands. The tank is degreasing, pickling, phosphorated, electrophoresis by automatic GEORG production lines, then power spary coating and heat-solidify. The tank of transformer is highly corrosion resistance.
  4. The H.V winding of distribution transformer is made of high strength enamelled wire or paper-insulated wire, the
    L.V winding is made of high strength enamelled wire or paper-insulated wire and copper belt winding, which offers uniform distribution of ampere-turns, reasonable insulation structure so as to offer high ability to withstand short-circuit.
  5. The active part applies core free-hanging structure. The gasket is made of high quality acrylate rubber which can inhibit ageing caused by sun and heat.
Technical Paraments
Rated Frequency 50HZ
Rated Voltage Hight Voltage(H.V)6kV、6.3kV、10kV、10.5kV、11kV、11kV、15kV、20kV、35kV Low Voltage(L.V)0.4kV
Top Range ±2×2.5%、 ±5%
Vector Group Dyn1、Yyn0
Insulation Level 6/0.4kV LI60AC25/AC5kV
10/0.4kV LI75AC35/AC5KV
20/0.4kV LI125AC55/AC5kV
35/0.4kV LI200AC85/AC5kV

The oil immersed distribution transformer has the characteristics of good safety, simple maintenance, small occupied area, highly integrated, convenient installation and elegant appearance.
Widely used in urban power grid, rural power grid, enterprises, buildings, stadiums, stations, wharves, mines, oil fields and other power distribution systems and electric field.



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