Chinese Brand Weichai Genset WP6D132E200 Diesel Engine 100kw 125kva Generator Set

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Weichai Generator Set Info

The capacity of this series of units is 12.5kVA~1250kVA, and the three major domestic power brands – Weichai engine are used as the core drive engine. Excellent technology, the price has a greater advantage than imported engines, suitable for commonly used operation, the pursuit of cost-effective users.

The generator set operates reliably, the unit power reserve is large, and the rated power operation is continuous every 12 hours, allowing overload 110% rated power operation for 1 hour. Weichai engine products have a large social possession, sufficient spare parts, and low maintenance costs. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, small footprint. Easy maintenance, excellent performance indicators, low fuel consumption, strong adaptability to the three high environments. The public chassis is bent and formed by high-quality steel plates, which has high strength and low vibration. Using advanced coating technology, rust and corrosion resistance, the chassis is equipped with forklift groove and lifting plate, which is convenient for transfer, and can be optionally equipped with chassis fuel tank to meet the requirements of continuous operation under the rated working conditions of the unit.

Enforce Standards

GB/T2820-2009 idt ISO8528-2005,YD/T502-2007,GB/T20136-2006 ect.

Optional Alternator

STAMFORD/Marathon/ENGGA/Elmaer/Faraday/Leroy Somer/Meccalte

Optional Controller

DeepSea DSE Series/ComAp/SmartGen HGM

WEICHAI Technical Parameters(100-200KW)

Genset Model AWG110S AWG132S AWG186S AWG200S AWG220S
Rated Power(KW/KVA) 100/125 120/150 160/200 180/225 200/250
Standby Power(KW/KVA) 110/137.5 132/165 186/233 200/250 220/275
Rated Current(A) 180 216 288.64 324 360.8
Weight(kg) 2500 2650 2800 2800 3000
Size(mm) 2400×738×985 2500×835×1380 2800×875×1600 2900×875×1600
Model WP6D132E200 WP6D152E200 WP10D200E200 WP10D238E200 WP10D264E200
Manufacturer WEICHAI
Continuous Power(KW) 120 138 176 216 240
Standby Power(KW) 132 152 193 238 264
Number of Cylinders 6
Cylinder Diameter*Stroke(mm) 105×130 126×130 126×130
Cylinder Arrangement In-line
Displacement(L) 6.75 9.226
Intake Type Exhaust gas turbocharger
Cooling Type Tank fan cooling
Rated Speed(rpm) 1500
Fuel Consumption(g/kwh) ≤198
Discharge Temperature(℃) 482
Unpitched Sound(db) 98
Speed Regulation Electric fuel injection
Alternator Nominal Voltage(V) 400/230
Alternator(Optional) Wandi, Stamford, Engga, Marathon, Elmaer, Leroy-Somer, etc.
Rated Capacity(KW/KVA) 100/125 120/150 160/200 180/225 200/250
Rated Power Factor 0.8(lag)
Exciter Type Self Excitation Brushless
Maximum Voltage Adjustment Rate ±1%
Phase Three-phase Four-wire
Control Cabinet Model TBZK880
Controller(Optional) SmartGen, Deepsea, Comap
Rated Capacity of Circuit Breaker(A) 200A 400A
Accumulator Rated Capacity(AH) 2×120AH  12V 2×120AH  12V


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