ComAp InteliSys Gas IS2GASXXBAB Controller for gas gen-set applications compliant with the latest EU grid codes

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Compliant with new world’s grid codes requirements as EN 50549 (EU 2016/631) , German‘s VDE-AR-N 4105:2018, VDE-AR-N 4110:2018,  United Kingdom G99, American IEEE 1547:2018 and others.

The InteliSys Gas is an industrial grade controller for gas generating sets mainly used in CHP (Cogeneration) and power generation applications. The InteliSys Gas controls, monitors and protects the generator set according defined setpoints and its configuration.

Preconfigured functions, scalable and configurable I/Os, large built-in PLC interpreter, broad communication capabilities and an easy-to-change software allows to adapt the controller to various applications with minimum effort.

The InteliSys Gas and its accessories gives you the perfect solution for your Gas generating set application. You will get the products and related services out of one hand.

  • Complete control of the generating set, including engine, alternator and related technology from one device – saving costs and space in switchboard and represents single point of data storage for easier commissioning and troubleshooting.
  • Predefined gas engine specific functions saves your time during the system configuration.
  • Interface to both mechanical engines via sensors (resistive, voltage, current) and electronic engines with ECU type of control. One controller can handle various types of engines.
  • Interface to ECUs and other on-engine products like Ignitions, Mixers, Speed Governors, Detonation controllers significantly improves the system diagnostics and helps to save the engine down-time period.
  • Compliant to various Grid codes requirements, including ENTSO-e without need for an extra Protection relay. This saves your money, space in the switchboard and keeps the system simple.
  • Local and Remote monitoring of the complete controlled technology over Plug&Play Displays,  PC tools and Web based Fleet monitoring tools significantly reduce system commissioning time and allows you to monitor your gen-set fleet constantly.
  • Large built-in PLC interpreter allows you to configure the needed logic (e.g. CHP) on your own without extra programing knowledge. This allows you to react quickly to customer requirements and keep your valuable know-how in your hands.




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