Faraday FDZ- DC Series Alternator

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FDZ- DC Series Alternator
24/48V~50Hz 1500RPM
Environment Temperature Common Use 40℃ Peak 40℃ Peak 27℃
Temperature Rise Common Use125K Standby 150K Standby 163K
FDZ1A-4 Rated PowerKW 5 5.5 6
FDZ1D-4 Rated PowerKW 8 8.8 9.4
FDZ1GS-4 Rated PowerKW 12 13.2 14
FDZ1G-4 Rated PowerKW 16 18 18.8
FDZ2AS-4 Rated PowerKW 20 22 24
FDZ2A-4 Rated PowerKW 24 26 28


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