Googol High Power Engine PTAA22EG5 PTAA29EG5 PTAA29EG7 Generator Set 600-800KW

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Googol Power-Tech is an enterprise engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of high-power engine technology. The company has large R&D and manufacturing bases in California and Chongqing, China. The company’s leading products include diesel engines, natural gas engines and dual-fuel engines. , the manufacturing base in Los Angeles, California, USA is mainly engaged in the technical research and development and production of land-use diesel engines, natural gas engines, dual-fuel engines and special engines, and the manufacturing base in Chongqing Yongchuan is mainly engaged in the technical research and development and production of land-use engines.

GOOGOL engine displacement is 12.8~885 liters, and the engine output power range covers 253~2955kW@1500rom. Cork engines are widely used in dry generator sets, mining machinery and various industrial power machinery. GOOGOL engines are not only known in the industry for reliability, durability and fuel economy, they are also ahead of the competition to meet increasingly stringent automotive emissions, off-highway motor vehicle emissions and marine emissions.

All engines are four-stroke diesels.

P780 is in-line six-cylinder arrangement, P890/1120/1340/1780 is V/V012N16 cylinder arrangement, Q2160/3240/4320/5400 is V8/V12N16N20 cylinder arrangement, all engines are turbocharged and water-to-air cooling or air-to-air cooling technology, Googol series engine volume is very compact and lightweight. Due to the modular development and design concept, the models and specifications of diesel filters and oil filters for daily maintenance between various P series engines and Q series engines of Cork Googol are the same, and various engine parts and components are the same. The versatility is strong, and the demand for power output can be met through the change of the number of cylinders. For group customers who repeatedly purchase many engines of different power, there is no need to reserve a large number of spare parts, and the operation and maintenance are very convenient.

Implementation Standards

GB/T2820-2009 idt ISO8528-2005,YD/T502-2007,GB/T20136-2006 ect.

Optional alternator brand


The type table is annotated below

  1. Due to limited space, the data listed in this table are the main parameters, detailed parameters please contact us for consultation.
  2. The size and weight vary with the brand of the generator, please contact us for details.
  3. The model may be adjusted at any time, please consult us for the current model first.
  4. The final interpretation of this spectrum is reserved for the owner of “FJT” brand.


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