Marathon Generator Alternator 280kw

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  • GM generators are new design products basedon the magna plus generators of marathonelectric USA.
  • The generators can be coupled with variousinternal combustion engines to form thegen-sets for stationary or mobile powerandsuitable for primary and standby power.
  • The generators are not only unique designedwith top performancesbut also reliable andconvenient.the generators may be usedindifferent application and varying whethercondition asits excellent product features
Outstanding Electric Characteristics
  • Steady voltage regulationis less than 1%.
  • Transient voltage regulationis lessthan
    +20%,-15%(60%In. P.F ≤ 0.4 LAG).
  • Voltage adjusting rangeis is ≥ c5%Un OR UN.
  • Total voltage waveform distortionis is < c5%(L-L).
  • Thermal warp: approximately zero.
Unique Structure
  • Full guarded for operator safety. the unitshave a unique ventilation and structure with efficient heat transfer and cooling.
  • Brushless excitation with solid-state circuitavr,( se 350)which is encapsulation formoisture with vibration protection.
  • Unirotor construction with full dampingwinding(die cast],field windings are layerwound with thermo – setting epoxy formechanical and electricalintegrity
  • Stator winding of 2/3 pichminimize harmonicdistortion.
  • H classinsulationsystem
  • Double shielded & pre-lubricated bearing forhigh life(b10,220000 hours).
  • Rectifier assy.located outboard of theexciter for easy service.
  • Conduit boxis mounted on the top of framethe accessaries can beinstalledin the amplebox.
  • Paralleling module & accessaries can beassembled as customer requested
  • Pmg&dvr2000e can be assembled as customersrequest.
  • Heater and thermal protection element canbe assembled as customers request.
  • Leads and 8 poles linkboard. 12 leads as option.
  • Standard sae adaption
Operating Condition
  • Ambient temperatures ≤ 40℃
  • Altitudes ≤ 1000M.
  • Note: if the environment conditionis higheror different from above requirements,the output power should refer to corresponding decreated table
Voltage, Frequency, Rev, Power Factor, Operation
  • Rated voltage: 400V OR 480V
  • Rated frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Rated rev: 1500RPM or 1800RPM
  • Power factor: 0.8 LAG
  • Operation:continuous(S1)
  • According to customers requirements,wecan offer different kinds of output voltage alsowe can offer special designs
Resistant to Electromagnetism
  • Generator equiped with se350 and pm300 avr accords with normal level.
  • shielded heavy -duty bearing resists contamina and gives b-10 20000 hours normally
  • Remark for purchase order generator can be made for 12 leads (if need please indicate the requirement in the purchase order) which can be used for the following conditions:
    50hz: 190-208V/380-416V
    60hz: 208-240V/416-480V

Marathon 280

Marathon 280

Marathon 280


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