Marathon Generator Alternator 740kw

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Outstanding Electric Characteristics
  • Steady voltage regulationis less than 0.25%.
  • Transient voltage regulationis less than
    +20%,-15%(60%In. P.F ≤ 0.4 LAG).
  • Voltage adjusting rangeis over than 10% of UN.
  • Total voltage waveform distortionis less than 5%(L-L).
  • The steady short circuit is ≥ 300%IN,and maintain time ≥ 10s.
  • It has wide stability range as using in nonlinear load condition.
  • Good motor starting capacity
  • Good paralleling performance
Unique Structure
  • Full guarded screen and louvers for operator safety unique ventilation and cooling may be efficient heat transfer and good windings cooling.
  • Brushless generator with pmg exciting system. Itcan provide 300%%in steady short circuit current. And maintain time 10s. It has not the trouble of lost residue magnetism
  • Salient unirotor construction. Rotor core closly coupled with die cast damping winding the field windings are layer wound with thermo-setting epoxy for high mechanical and electrical integrity.
  • DVR2000e- digital voltage regulator is encapsulated for reliable performance in varying environment such as protecting moisture and anti-vibrationits.
  • Its voltage regulation has high accuracy about0.25%itincluded adjustable voltagest abilityand volt/herz under speed protection, three phase rms sensing, paralleling over excitionover voltage protection and so on as standard(details see dvr2000e+ manual)
  • End mounted conduitbox located at the rear offrameit provides ample space to fit attachment sand elements, and 4 bars may be connectedeasily to load.
  • H classinsulation system.
  • Bearingis double shielded and pre-lubricatedfor long life
  • Sae standard adaption
  • Exciterpmg and rectifier assembly locatedoutboard of bearing for easy ofinspectionand maintenance

Marathon 740

Marathon 740


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