Marathon Generator Alternator 860kw

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DVR2000E+ Patented PMG Powered Digital Voltage Regulator
  • is an encapsulated design for reliable operationin all environments. Fully tested to withstand 20g’in all planes and vibration to 0.035 inch peak. This regulator includes: 025% regulation; adjustable volts/hertz under speed protection; single orthree-phase RMS sensing; paralleling; loss of sensing protection; and over excitation protection the regulator is control section within the conduitbox to facilitate external adjustments.
Heavy-duty Shielded Ballbearings
  • are designed for a minimum b-10 life of 40000 hours. The bearings are protected on each side by castron bearing caps to prevent contamination fromentering the bearing. Extended grease and relief fittings make bearing regreasing easy as a resultof the superior single piece lamination construction does not require insulated bearings. Generators are availablein single or two bearing construction.
Rotor Construction
  • A marathon electric exclusive features single piece rotor laminations and an amortize windings the copper field windings is layer wound with thermo-setting epoxy for high mechanical an delectrical integrity and has an overcoat oftropical insulation for added environmental protection.
Medium & High Voltage Insulation System(6.6kv-13.8kv Models)
  • Utilizes advanced materials resulting in superior performance. The turn insulation is a calcined muscovite mica with an epoxy resin providing excellent voltage surge protection. The ground wall tape is an uncalcined muscovite mica tape with low binder content. This results in good voltage endurance and greater tape porosity enabling complete resin impregnation during the VPI process the slot section of the coilis wrapped with a low resistance conducting tape to provide corona protection. The coil end turns utilize a semiconductive gradient tape and a protective tape system ensuring optimal voltage destressing and superior environmental protection. The entire stator assembly incorporates form would coils and is vacum pressure impregnated(VPI) with an hydrid epoxy resin, well known for its excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Finally, an overcoat of tropical insulation is applied for added environmenral protection.
Low voltage System
  • Also incorporates form wound coils and VPI insulation systems.
Rugged Construction
  • Assures low vibration and long life internal frame supports, external girth rings and rigid mounting feet are welded to the rolled steel plate to form a strongunitized frame
Brushless Exciter
  • is mounted outboard of the bearing for ease of inspection and mantenance. The rotating rectifier assembly utilizes 1000 volt rectifiers and asurge suppressor for protection from induced voltage spikes.
Permanent Magnet Generator(PMG) Excitation System
  • provides 300%-60hz (250%-50hz) short circuit excitation support for a minimum of 10 seconds and isolates the regulator power circuit from load disturbances. The PMG is mounted outboard of the bearing for ease of inspection and maintenance.
Conduit Box
  • Assemblyis optimized eor customer flexibility various access panels and alow voltage control section are provided, the external load leads can enter the conduit box from the top bottomor side further more the conduit box is designed to accept various auxiliary devices potential and current transformers, etc. While maintaining a compact generator outline. All models are equipped with an end-mounted conduit box as standard
Conduit box Options
  • Optional conduit box designs are available tomeet customer requirements.

Marathon 860

Marathon 860

Marathon 860


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