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BAC06N/BAC06NB series battery chargers adopt switching power supply device, and is specially designed for lead-acid battery used in engine start according to its property. The charger is suitable for long-term complement charging (floating) of lead-acid battery. The maximum output current for 12V charger is 6A; the maximum output current for 24V charger is 3A.



  1. Applying switching power supply structure, wide range of AC voltage input, small volume, light weight and high efficiency;
  2. BAC06N adopts two-stage charging method for automatic charging, BAC06NB can be automatically charged by selecting two-stage or three-stage charging method based on needs, both of them are designed according to charging properties of the lead-acid battery, which can avoid overcharging and this extends the battery life to the fullest;
  3. BAC06N has short circuit protection, reverse connection protection; while BAC06NB has short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, absorption timing, and BOOST functions;
  4. LED status display: power indicator, and charging indicator;
  5. Applying horizontal installation, which is easy and simple to install.


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