SmartGen Battery Charger BACM2420A

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BACM2420A battery charger is an intelligent and multi-function charger, which is specially designed to meet the charging characteristics of the lead-acid engine starter batteries. It is suitable for 24V or 12V battery pack and the maximum output current is 20A.



  1. Switch power supply structure, wide AC voltage input range, small size, light weight, high efficiency;
  2. Users can select automatic two-stage charging process or automatic three-stage charging process according to needs. Both two charging processes are carried out according to storage battery charging characteristics, which can prevent overcharging and significantly prolong battery lifetime;
  3. Built-in PFC circuit, which allows to calibrate the power factor up to 0.99;
  4. Battery voltage detection ports, which can detect the battery voltage at real time.
  5. Battery under voltage output port; it will output low level immediately after the battery voltage has fallen below the set value after preset delay.
  6. Temperature sensor port, which allows monitoring the battery temperature at real time; and temperature compensation function, which can prevent too high battery temperature effectively;
  7. Mains failure alarm port; It will output low level when the AC input is interrupted;
  8. Standard RS485 serial communication port.
  9. Default suitable for 24V battery pack; it can be changed to 12V battery pack by changing configuration information; rated charging current is 20A;
  10. External LED status display: Full charged indication (Green light) and charging indication (Red light).


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