SmartGen Cloud Monitoring Modem CMM366A-ET

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CMM366A-ET Cloud Monitoring Communication Module is an ETHERNET communication protocol switch module which can achieve genset (with SCI) connect to Internet. After logging into cloud server, module will receive corresponding genset controller communication protocol from cloud server. And the module gains genset data via RS485 port, USB port, LINK port or RS232 port. Then the module transmits the data to corresponding cloud server via wired ETHERNET for achieving user’s real-time monitoring to running status and searching of running records via APP (IOS or Android) and pc terminal devices.

CMM366A-ET module not only can achieve genset monitoring but also can insert some digital alarm input/output signal to achieve monitoring of generator room entrance guard, guard against theft and fire facilities.



  1. Connect to cloud server via wired ETHERNET, one to one monitoring;
  2. Multiple ports for communication with genset control module: RS485, RS232, LINK and USB (Host); can monitor great majority genset control modules of international first-class brands;
  3. Widely power supply: DC (8~35)V, can direct use genset build-in starter battery;
  4. With ARM-based 32-bit SCM, high integration of hardware and strong programming ability;
  5. Include with GPS locate function to achieve gain location information and locate genset;
  6. Take JSON network data communication protocol, upload real-time data variation and take compression algorithm to vastly reduce network flow at the same time;
  7. When alarm occurs it can upload data to server immediately;
  8. 2 auxiliary digital input ports which can receive external alarm signal;
  9. 1 auxiliary relay output ports which can output various of alarm signal;
  10. Calendar and clock functions;
  11. Power and multiple communication status indicators on front panel that working status is clear at a glance;
  12. Lamp test function;
  13. Parameter adjust function: users can adjust parameters via USB port;
  14. Take standard π-type 35mm guide-rail installation or screw-fixed installation that the module can be installed in the genset control box;
  15. Modular design, self extinguishing ABS plastic shell, light weight, compact structure with easy installation.


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