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MGCP100L-2 (C161) Diesel engine control box (hereinafter referred to as the control box) is mainly composed of HMC9000A diesel engine controller, RPU560A security module, AIN8 analog quantity input module, HEP300 electronic potentiometer, HMP300 electric quantity comprehensive protection module, DOUT16B switching quantity output module, BACM2420 charging module, BAC2408 charging module, relay, contactor, fuse, micro circuit breaker, etc.

As the core of the control system, HMC9000A diesel engine controller controls and communicates with dozens of electronic injection engines with J1939 interface. This interface can also be connected with switch output module, security module, power protection module, analog input module, etc., which is convenient for users to expand their needs.

RPU560A security module is a module that can run independently to protect the normal operation of the engine. The module is connected to the main control HMC9000A through CANBUS. All data and shutdown alarm information can be viewed through the main control module.

AIN8 analog input module is an 8-channel analog input module. Each sensor input in the module can be configured with PT100 resistive input, (4-20)mA current input and (0-5)V voltage input. The data collected by the module is transmitted to the master controller through CANBUS. The corresponding alarm threshold and sensor name can be configured for each sensor input of AIN8 module on the master controller. When the alarm condition is reached, the alarm information of the corresponding sensor can be realized on the master controller. In this project, the data of U phase winding temperature sensor, V phase winding temperature sensor and W phase winding temperature sensor are collected by AIN8 module and displayed on the main control HMC9000A controller, which makes it more convenient and intuitive for users to observe the temperature parameters of each phase and protect the normal operation of the engine unit.

HEP300 electronic potentiometer or the on-off signal analog voltage signal is converted into voltage, current, the PWM signal, etc., not only can be used to divide the synchronous or power switch controller output signal is converted to governor or voltage regulator can be used analog signals, can also converts dc voltage signal into a dc current and PWM signal.

HMP300 electric quantity comprehensive protection module collects the data of voltage, current, power and frequency of the generator set and outputs corresponding actions when these data are abnormal, so as to protect the equipment.

DOUT16B switch output module is an extended 16 channel switch output module, each output can be programmable. The HMC9000A transmits the processed DOUT16B data to the DOUT16B output module through CANBUS for processing.

BACM2420 and BAC2408 are battery chargers specially designed for the charging characteristics of lead-acid batteries used for generating sets.

The control box composed of the above core modules has the following characteristics:

The control box integrates digital, intelligent and network technology, which can be used in the automatic control system of a single diesel engine to realize the functions of diesel engine startup, shutdown, remote startup, shutdown, data measurement, display, alarm protection, etc., safe and reliable operation.

Control box with remote monitoring interface, by receiving remote startup, automatic startup instructions, remote engine startup, shutdown and other functions.


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