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Cmm366b-4g /CMM366CAN-4G cloud monitoring communication module is a 4G full netcom wireless network communication protocol conversion module, which can realize the generator set (with serial communication interface) connected to the Internet. After the login module cloud server, cloud server will send corresponding generating set controller communication protocol to the module, the cloud monitoring module CAN by RS485 interface, USB interface, the LINK interface, the CAN interface or RS232 interface for generating sets of data information, through 4 g wireless networks will obtain the data information transmitted to the corresponding cloud server, Users can use mobile phone APP (IOS or Android system), computer and other terminal devices to monitor the running status of the generator set in real time and query the running record of the generator set.

The module can not only realize the monitoring of the generator set, but also access to some switch alarm input, and realize the monitoring of accessary facilities such as access control, anti-theft and fire control.

The module has GPS positioning function and uploads the obtained longitude, latitude and altitude information to the corresponding cloud server in real time.

The CMM366CAN-4G cloud monitoring communication module has one more CAN interface than the CMM366B-4G cloud monitoring communication module. In addition, the functions of the two cloud monitoring communication modules are the same.

Performance Characteristics
  1. It can be connected to the cloud server through 4G wireless network, and a cloud monitoring module can monitor a generator set.
  2. It has a variety of interfaces for communication with the unit control module: RS485, RS232, LINK, CAN interface, USB(Host); Can monitor the international first-class brand of most of the generator set control module;
  3. Module power supply range wide DC (8 ~ 35)V, can directly use the engine with the starting battery;
  4. ARM 32-bit SCM, high system integration, strong programming ability;
  5. The module has GPS positioning function, which can obtain the position information of the unit and realize the positioning of the unit.
  6. The module adopts the NETWORK data communication protocol in JSON format, and uploads the data when it changes in real time. Meanwhile, it adopts the compression algorithm to greatly reduce the network traffic.
  7. When the generator set alarm, can immediately upload data to the server;
  8. With historical record storage function, the network is unstable when the data is not lost;
  9. Cloud cat firmware can be upgraded through 4G network, convenient module maintenance;
  10. With two programmable switching input port, can access external alarm signal;  
  11. Module panel has power supply and a variety of communication status indicators, the working status of the module is clear;  
  12. With light test function;  
  13. Parameter setting function: Users can set parameters through the USB interface of the module;
  14. Standard TYPE π 35mm rail installation or screw fixed installation, can be installed in the generator set control box;  
  15. Modular design, flame retardant ABS housing, light weight, compact structure, easy installation. 


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