SmartGen Controller Accessories Double Power Switch SGQ630A-1250A/M-4P

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SGQ Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is suitable for AC660V 50/60Hz or DC250V under the occasion, two section PC level Switch, structure using electromagnetic drive type, can achieve two power supply fast load switching (switching time ≤80ms), It can be used for the first-level load stipulated by the state, such as high-rise buildings, posts and telecommunications, coal mining ships, industrial assembly lines, medical and health, military facilities, etc. Two power sources can be grid, self – starting generator set, storage battery, etc.

Structure and features

SGQ type ATS uses electromagnetic coil drive, electrical and mechanical double interlock mechanism, the main loop contact is two static and moving structure, moving contact adopts “V” design, from the design to ensure that the two power supply will not short; “N” type, “T” type adopts double coil operation mechanism, “M” type adopts single coil operation mechanism, the coil is only energized when switching, which can greatly prolong the service life of the switch; Coil control power supply can be provided by the main and standby AC or DC power supply, without additional control power supply; The switch body has a mechanical or electrical closing indication and provides passive auxiliary contacts.


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