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The HWP90A is an intelligent forced cycle engine water heater, which consists of a controller, a water pump, and a heating module.

When the engine operating environment is lower than 4ºC, during the starting stage, the engine coolant lubricating oil may condense into solid, lose the role of lubrication or cooling, thus damaging the engine. Therefore, when the operating environment temperature is lower than 4ºC, the engine should be equipped with a heater to ensure the normal starting and operation of the engine.

The heating pipe and sealing end cover inside the heater are made of stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance. The heater has light indicator function, which can clearly indicate the heating and overheating state. The coolant temperature can be set by itself, with the function of preventing dry burning and overheating.

This product is suitable for all kinds of engines with displacement of (50 ~ 75) L.

Performance Characteristics
  1. Circulating water pump adopts special custom water pump, using stainless steel pump head;
  2. The control part adopts microprocessor design, and the temperature sampling uses PT100 sensor. Coolant temperature can be set through the control panel. The display part adopts 4 LED display, which can display the current coolant temperature and user defined temperature;
  3. Internal overheating temperature control switch, to provide dry burning and overheating protection function;
  4. The circulating water pump and the heating body are separately controlled. Before heating, the water pump and the heating body are connected at the same time. After reaching the set temperature point, the heating body will be powered off first.
  5. The product has manual test function, can test the heating body and water pump through the panel button is normal work;
  6. The heating body shell is made of precision die-cast aluminum.
  7. Internal heating tube and sealing end cover are stainless steel materials;
  8. The bottom end of the heating body has a sealing ring type water discharge valve, which can be used when needed;
  9. The inlet is provided with a one-way water inlet valve;
  10. The product can work well at -40ºC.


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