SmartGen Engine Heater HT40N for Various Engine

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HT40N Water Engine Heater applies fine cast aluminium enclosure, and flame retardant engineering plastic end cap, which is suitable for engine coolant liquid pre-heating of all types. It is easy and simple to use.

When engine ambient environment is below 4℃, engine coolant and lubrication oil may condense to solid state at cranking phase, losing lubrication and cooling functions. This may hurt the engine. Therefore when engine ambient environment is below 4℃, it shall be added a heater to ensure engine normal cranking and running.

Inside heating tube of heater adopts stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance. Heater has lamp indicator function, which can clearly indicates Power On and Heating status. There are 3 heating temperatures to select (standard temperature 40℃; and 50℃and 60℃ heaters are custom made).

This product suits all kinds of engines with displacement (13-25) L.



1、Fine cast aluminum is used for heater enclosure and stainless steel material is used for internal  heating tube;

2、Coolant liquid temperature is controlled by thermostat switch inside the heater; simple structure  and reliable performance;

3、Power, Heating, Over heating protection indicators are installed on the panel, which is  convenient to observe heater’s working status;

4、There is a water drain valve with sealing gasket at the bottom of the heater, it can be used in  need;

5、Over heating thermostat switch is installed inside, providing dry-heating prevention and over  heating protection functions;

6、When environment is too high, commissioning operation can be done via Test button;

7、This product can work normally in the environment of -40℃ temperature.


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