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MGC300 series generator set controller can be used for automatic control of a single generator set, and can realize self-start /AMF of a single generator set. The series controller integrates digital, intelligent, LCD graphics display, simple operation, reliable operation.

MGC300 series generator set controller adopts 32-bit microprocessor technology to achieve a variety of parameters of precision measurement, value adjustment and timing, threshold setting and other functions, most of the parameters can be adjusted from the controller front panel, all parameters can be adjusted by PC through RS485 interface. Its compact structure, simple wiring, high reliability, can be widely used in various types of generator set automation system.

MGC300 series generator set controller controller is divided into true low power consumption (power off) and pseudo low power consumption (wake up, but the controller screen does not light, only the stop light flashing, and do not perform any action).

                                 Display                                                 LCD

                                 Communication system                 1P2W/2P3W/3P3W/3P4W

                                 Ac voltage range                                 (15~360)V(ph-N)

                                 Ac frequency                                         50/60Hz

                                 Mains detection                                   Yes

                                 Monitoring interface                         RS485

                                 Programming interface (API)        RS485

                                 Range of DC power supply             DC (8 ~ 35) V

                                 Overall size (mm)                               126 * 106 * 46.5

                                 Installation size (mm)                     111 * 91

                                 Working temperature                       – 25 ~ + 70 ℃

Performance and features

  1. Pattern LCD display (with backlight), LED light indication, touch button operation.
  2. The screen saver is made of hard acrylic.
  3. Wide range of power supply DC (8~35)V, can adapt to different starting battery voltage environment.
  4. Collect and display three-phase voltage, three-phase current, frequency and power parameters of mains/power generation.

           Mains                                                          Power generation

Line Voltage: L12,L23,L31                    Line Voltage: L12,L23,L31

Phase Voltage: L1, L2, L3                      Phase Voltage: L1, L2, L3

Frequency: Hz                                               Frequency: Hz


Current: Ia,Ib,Ic                                      Unit: A

Total active power: P                                    Unit: kw

5. The utility has the functions of over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency and phase loss, and the power generation has the functions of over voltage, under voltage,                    over frequency, under frequency, over current, over power and phase loss.

6. Precision acquisition of various engine parameters:

Temperature: ℃                                     Fuel level: %

Battery voltage V Cumulative operating time H(Max. 199,999 hours)

Speed: RPM                                                    Total startup times (up to 199,999 times, which can only be displayed through the upper computer)

7. Unit fault protection and display function

8. The controller has four working modes: manual, automatic, stop and trial. The MGC310 has stop, manual and automatic modes, and the MGC320 has manual, automatic, stop and trial                  modes.

9. Parameter setting function: Allows users to modify the parameters, which will not be lost when the system is powered off. Most parameters can be adjusted from the front panel of the                   controller, and all parameters can be adjusted through the RS485 port on a PC.

10. One programmable input port, two fixed input ports.

11. 2 relays fixed output ports (fuel output, starting output).

12. Two programmable relay outlets.

13. All parameters are adjusted digitally to improve the reliability and stability of the machine.

14. Rubber sealing ring is designed between the shell and control panel, dustproof and waterproof performance can reach IP65.

15. The controller is fixed with metal clamps.

16. Modular structure design, pluggable terminal, embedded installation mode, compact structure, easy installation.


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