SmartGen HGM1790N Genset Controller ATS Controller Module for Water Pump Units

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HGM1790N generator set controller is suitable for stand-alone automation and monitoring (can also be used for water pump sets). The controller can realize the manual start/stop of the unit, and can also automatically start/stop the generator through the remote start-up signal, monitor and protect the unit by collecting and analyzing data such as voltage, current, water temperature, oil pressure, etc. Fault status, convenient and quick maintenance. The controller adopts pattern-type liquid crystal display, which is clear and intuitive to operate at the touch of a button. Functions such as parameter threshold and delay adjustment can be realized through the front panel or the USB interface (communication with the PC software).

Technical Parameters

Monitor LCD (with backlight)
Operation panel Silica gel
Controller language English
Switch input 1
Analog input 1
Relay output 5
Communication system 1P2W
AC voltage range (15~360)V(ph-N)
AC frequency 50/60Hz
Power/current detection and display
Programming interface USB
DC working power range DC(8-35)V
Dimensions (mm) 95*86*46.5
Installation size (mm) 78*66
Operating temperature (-30~+80)℃

Main Features

  • Pattern LCD display (with backlight), LED light indication, touch button operation;
  • The screen protector adopts hard screen acrylic material;
  • Using silicone panel and buttons, it has strong ability to adapt to the high and low temperature of the environment;
  • The power supply range is wide DC (8~35)V, which can adapt to different starting battery voltage environment;
  • Collect and display single-phase voltage, current, frequency, power, and load percentage parameters of power generation:

Generating voltage V Generating frequency Hz

Generating power kW Generating current A

Load percentage %

  • Accurately collect various parameters of the engine:Oil Pressure kPa Temperature °C

    Fuel level % cumulative operating time H (up to 199999 hours)

    Battery Voltage V Speed ​​RPM

    Cumulative boot times (up to 199999 times, displayed by the host computer)

  • Unit fault protection and display function;
  • The controller has 3 working modes: manual, automatic, stop;
  • A variety of temperature, pressure and oil level sensors can be used directly, and parameters can be customized; temperature and pressure sensors can be used in parallel with temperature and pressure alarms respectively, providing first-level protection while providing analog quantities;
  • Various starting success conditions (speed, oil pressure, power generation frequency) can be selected;
  • 1 programmable input port, which can be set as digital input or liquid level sensor;
  • 2 relay fixed output ports (fuel output, start output);
  • 3 programmable relay output ports, which can set functions such as public alarm output, preheat output or idle speed control output;
  • Parameter setting function: allows users to change and set their parameters, which will not be lost when the system is powered off. Most of the parameters of the controller can be adjusted from the front panel of the controller. All parameters use a PC through a USB interface (Type-B type )Adjustment;
  • All parameters are digitally adjusted, which improves the reliability and stability of the whole machine;
  • Modular structure design, flame retardant ABS shell, pluggable terminals, embedded installation, compact structure, easy installation.


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