SmartGen HGM180HC Genset Controller ATS Controller Module

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HGM180HC is a self-starting module, which can be selected from 3 working states by the electric lock. It can manually start the genset by touching the button on the panel, or it can automatically start the genset through the remote signal input. , high water temperature/cylinder temperature, external alarm, overspeed), the fuel relay will be automatically disconnected and the electromagnet will be turned off and closed. The panel LED indicates the fault status and provides a real and effective fault alarm signal.

Technical Parameters

Monitor LED
Switch input 4
AC frequency 50/60Hz
DC working power range DC(8-35)V
Dimensions (mm) 84*72*35
Installation size (mm) 78*66
Operating temperature (-30~+70)℃

Main Features

  1. Wide DC power input range;
  2. With low oil pressure, high water temperature/cylinder temperature, overspeed protection and indication;
  3. With charging failure warning indication, no shutdown;
  4. An additional external input alarm stop signal;
  5. The speed signal is taken from the power generation frequency;
  6. LED displays various alarm states;
  7. With LCD display of operating hour meter;
  8. With fuel output, start output, preheat output, shutdown output, public alarm/idle output function, and all are relay output;
  9. With idle speed control function, the idle speed delay time is programmable;
  10. Preheat delay time is programmable;
  11. The conditions for successful starting can be oil pressure + power generation (factory default), or only power generation;
  12. When the DIP switch is set to idle/high speed valid, the output port can be configured as idle speed/high speed output, otherwise it is public alarm output. see the picture on the right;
  13. Modular structure design, flame retardant ABS shell, embedded installation, compact structure, small size, single-chip control, stable performance and easy operation.


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