SmartGen HGM4020DC Genset Controller ATS Controller Module for Mobile Communication Base Station

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The HGM4020DC generator set controller is a power generation control module developed for mobile communication base stations. The functions of the controller are completely set according to the actual situation of the mobile base station. The controller has the functions of automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and other functions of the generator set under multiple start-up conditions, and the controller can control the switch and parameter control of up to 6 rectifiers, and can monitor the temperature of the machine room and the voltage of the battery pack. To achieve the purpose of automatically starting and stopping the generator set and ensuring the normal operation of the base station.

The HGM4020DC generator set controller adopts microprocessor technology, which realizes the functions of precise measurement, constant value adjustment, timing, and threshold value adjustment of various parameters. All parameters of the controller can be adjusted from the front panel of the controller, or using a PC through the USB interface It can also be adjusted and monitored using a PC through the RS485 interface. It has compact structure, simple wiring and high reliability, and can be widely used in various types of generator set automation systems.

Technical Parameters

Monitor LCD(132*64)
Operation panel Silica gel
controller language Chinese & English & Others (8 types in total)
Switch input 5 (2 multiplexes)
Switch input 4
Analog input 6
Communication system 1P2W/2P3W/3P3W/3P4W
AC voltage range (15~360)V(ph-N)
AC frequency 50/60Hz
Power/current detection and display Yes
Monitoring interface RS485
Programming interface USB/RS485
Real time clock and history Yes
DC working power range DC(8~35)V
Dimensions (mm) 135*110*44
Installation size (mm) 116*90
Operating temperature (-25~+70)℃

Main Features

  1. Liquid crystal display LCD is 132×64, with backlight, optional interface operation in Chinese and English, touch button operation;
  2. The screen protection is made of hard screen acrylic material, which has good wear resistance and scratch resistance;
  3. Using silicone panel and buttons, it has strong ability to adapt to the high and low temperature of the environment;
  4. It has two RS485 communication interfaces, one for controlling the rectifier and can supply 5V power to the rectifier, and one for remote monitoring;
  5. Suitable for three-phase four-wire, three-phase three-wire, single-phase two-wire, two-phase three-wire (120V/240V) power supply 50Hz/60Hz system;
  6. Collect and display mains three-phase voltage/frequency parameters;
  7. MainsLine voltage       Uab, Ubc, Uca

    Phase voltage    Ua, Ub, Uc

    frequency           Hz

    Phase sequence

  8. The mains has overvoltage, undervoltage and phase loss protection functions, and the mains has electricity rules to choose from;
  9. Accurately collect various parameters of the engine:temperature       °C/°F

    Oil pressure         kPa/psi/bar

    Fuel level           %            Fuel remaining        L

    Speed                ​​r/min(RPM)

    battery voltage            V

    Charger voltage           V

    Cumulative running time

    Cumulative boot times

  10. The temperature of the computer room can be collected, and when the temperature is too high, the start of the air conditioner in the computer room can be controlled;
  11. The battery pack voltage (48V) can be collected, and when the battery pack is under-voltage, the generator can be controlled to start to charge the battery pack;
  12. Mains abnormal signal, remote power-on signal, abnormal mains and high temperature of the equipment room, abnormal mains and low voltage of the battery pack, timing start, cycle start and stop 6 start-up conditions can be combined arbitrarily;
  13. When the mains is abnormal and the battery pack voltage is low, there are 4 optional shutdown conditions and the battery pack is fully charged to complete the shutdown.
  14. 5 relay output ports, 1 starting output port, 1 fuel output port, 3 programmable output ports;
  15. 6 digital input ports, of which input port 5 and input port 6 can be multiplexed into programmable sensor 1 and programmable sensor 2;
  16. 2 programmable sensors, you can choose one of temperature, pressure and liquid level sensors to use, among which programmable sensor 1 can also be set as the temperature sensor of the computer room;
  17. A variety of temperature, pressure, liquid level sensors can be used directly, and parameters can be customized;
  18.  It has the functions of controlling the switch of the rectifier and setting the output voltage and output current;
  19.  Various starting success conditions (speed sensor, power generation, oil pressure) can be selected;
  20.  With access control monitoring function, it provides guarantee for the security of the computer room.
  21.  With emergency start function;
  22.  It has the function of not turning on the machine at regular intervals (monthly/weekly/daily, the duration of not turning on the machine can be set);
  23.  With the prohibition setting, the generator set is prohibited from running in automatic mode;
  24.  It has the function of cycle start and stop, which controls how long the generator set is cycled on and off;
  25.  With running records, real-time clock, maximum storage of 50 running records (cycle save);
  26. With maintenance records, a maximum of 20 maintenance records can be stored (cycle preservation);
  27.  With historical records, a maximum of 99 historical records can be stored (cyclically saved);
  28.  Parameter setting function: allows users to change and set their parameters, and at the same time, it is stored in the internal FLASH memory, which will not be lost when the system is powered off. All parameters of the controller can be adjusted from the front panel of the controller, or use a PC through the USB interface Adjustment, can also be adjusted by using a PC through the RS485 interface;
  29.  A rubber sealing ring is designed between the shell and the control panel, and the protection performance can reach IP65;
  30.  The controller is fixed with metal clips;
  31.  Modular structure design, flame retardant ABS shell, pluggable terminals, embedded installation, compact structure, easy installation.


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