SmartGen HGM6110N Genset Controller ATS Controller Module

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HGM6100N series automation controllers are used in the automation and monitoring system of a single generator set to realize automatic start/stop, data
Measurement, alarm protection and “three remote” functions. The controller adopts large-screen LCD display, Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, ten
Optional interface operation in 8 languages: Turkish, Polish and French. All parameters of the controller can be adjusted from the front panel of the controller, or by using a PC via USE
Interface adjustment, can also use a PC to adjust and monitor through the RS485 interface

Technical Parameters

Working Voltage DC(8~35)V
Overall Power Consumption <3W(When stand by≤2W)
alternator voltage input (15~360)V(ph-N)
AC frequency 50/60Hz
Speed ​​sensor voltage 1V~24V
Speed sensor frequency Maximum 10000Hz
Relay output 7A/16A/16A
Dimensions (mm) 209*166*45
Installation size (mm) 186*141
Current transformer secondary current 5A
Operating temperature (-25~+70)℃
Storage conditions (-30~+80)℃
Protection class IP65
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