SmartGen HGMS62 Genset Controller ATS Controller Module

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The HGMS62 generator set controller adopts the [main control and display] split structure and integrates digital, intelligent and networked technologies. It is used in the automation and monitoring system of a single generator set to realize automatic start/stop of the generator set, data measurement, Alarm protection and “four remote” function. The controller adopts single-color liquid crystal (LCD) display, multi-language optional interface operation, simple operation and reliable operation.

The HGMS62 generator set controller adopts 32-bit microprocessor technology, which realizes the functions of precise measurement, fixed value adjustment, timing and threshold setting of various parameters. Most parameters can be adjusted from the front panel of the controller, and all parameters can be adjusted by PC The machine can be adjusted through the USB or RS485 interface. The controller has its own insurance, among which the fuel, start, and programmable output ports 3 and 4 are pluggable, compact in structure and simple in wiring, which solves the problem of complicated wiring and low efficiency in the control cabinet, and improves the production efficiency of the generator set control cabinet. . It can be widely used in various types of generator set automation systems.

Performance characteristics

Display module model: HGMS62D, main control module model: HGMS62M, HGMS62MCAN.


HGMS62D: Display control module.

HGMS62M: MPU interface, suitable for engine controlled by electronic governor.

HGMS62MCAN: CAN BUS interface, suitable for EFI engine controlled by ECU.

HGMS62: It has mains and power generation monitoring, and is used for mains/generation automatic switching control (AMF). It is suitable for a single-machine automation system composed of one mains and one generator set. It can also be disabled by setting parameters. Single-machine automation, through the remote start-up signal to control the generator set to start and stop automatically.

Main Features:

  • Liquid crystal display LCD is 132×64, with backlight, optional interface operation in Chinese, English and other languages, and can be selected on site, which is convenient for factory debugging personnel to test the machine;
  • With RS485 communication interface, the “four remote” (remote control, telemetry, remote signaling and remote adjustment) functions can be realized by using the MODBUS protocol;
  • Suitable for three-phase four-wire, three-phase three-wire, single-phase two-wire, two-phase three-wire (120V/240V) power supply 50Hz/60Hz system;
  • Collect and display mains/generating three-phase voltage, three-phase current, frequency, and power parameters;
  • Mains power generation
  • Line voltage Uab, Ubc, Uca Line voltage Uab, Ubc, Uca
  • Phase voltage Ua, Ub, Uc Phase voltage Ua, Ub, Uc
  • Frequency Hz Frequency Hz
  • Phase sequence Phase sequence
  • load
  • Current Ia, Ib, Ic Unit: A
  • Split-phase and total active power P unit: kW
  • Reactive power Q unit: kvar
  • Apparent power S unit: kVA
  • Power factor PF
  • Cumulative power generation unit: kWh, kvarh, kVAh
  • Load output percentage (active power/rated power) x100%
  • Mains has the functions of overvoltage, undervoltage, overfrequency, underfrequency, phase loss, and reverse phase sequence. Phase sequence function;
  • Accurately collect various parameters of the engine:
  • Temperature Unit: °C/°F
  • Oil pressure Unit: kPa/psi/bar
  • Oil pressure Unit: kPa/psi/bar
  • Speed ​​Unit: r/min (RPM)
  • Battery voltage Unit: V
  • Charger D+ voltage Unit: V
  • Accumulated running time Maximum accumulative 65535 hours
  • Cumulative boot times Up to 65535 times
  • Control and protection function: realize the functions of automatic start/stop, closing and opening (ATS switching) and perfect fault display protection of diesel generator sets;
  • It has the functions of power-on shutdown, idle speed control, preheating control, and speed control, all of which are relay outputs;
  • Parameter setting function: allows users to change and set their parameters, and it will not be lost when the system is powered off. Most parameters can be adjusted from the front panel of the controller, and all parameters can be adjusted using a PC via USB or RS485 interface;
  • A variety of temperature, pressure, fuel level sensor curves can be used directly, and the sensor curve can be customized, among which pressure, programmable 2 can be connected to resistance, voltage or current sensors;
  • Various starting success conditions (generating frequency, speed, oil pressure) can be selected;
  • The power supply range is wide DC(8~35)V, which can adapt to different starting battery voltage environment;
  • With historical records, real-time clock, timing switch (on once a month/week/day and can be set to load or not);
  • It has the function of recording data such as mains voltage, mains frequency, power generation voltage, power generation frequency, current, temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, speed, etc. 1 minute before the shutdown fault, and records at most 5;
  • It can be used for water pump unit, and also can be used as indicating instrument (only indicating, alarming, relay has no action);
  • With maintenance function, maintenance time or maintenance date can be set to action (only warning or trip stop or alarm stop);
  • A rubber sealing ring is designed between the HGMS62D shell and the installation panel, and the dustproof and waterproof performance can reach IP65;
  • HGMS62D is fixed with clips, HGMS62M is fixed with screws;
  • Modular structure design, pluggable terminal block, compact structure, easy installation.
  • Personalized startup interface, customers can customize the startup interface according to their needs and display it through HGMS62D.


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