SmartGen SG485 Communication Interface Conversion Module

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SG485 Communication Interface Conversion Module can convert the communication interface from LINK (Smartgen special) to isolated standard RS485.  The module integrated DC/DC power isolation and RS485 interface chip which enable it to connect to RS-485 network.



  1. RS485 network can connect to maximum 32 nodes;
  2. Isolation Voltage: reach up to DC1000V;
  3. Power supplied by LINK interface and there is no need to connect to external power supply.
  4. Baud rate ≤ 9600bps;
  5. Humidity:20%~90%(No Condensation);
  6. Working Temperature:-40℃~+70℃;
  7. Case Dimension:91*42*61mm(L*W*H);
  8. Weight:0.06kg.


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