STAMFORD P80 Series Bruthless Generator Set Aalternator 4200kva 5100kva

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The STAMFORD® P80 series is an industry leading range of Low, Medium and High Voltage alternator products that has a power output of up to 5,190kVA.

Due to its adaptability and versatility the P80 has become the global alternator of choice in many applications requiring a durable and robust 4-pole product, whilst maintaining cost competitiveness, in applications such as data centres, combined heat and power, prime power and critical standby power applications.


50Hz Continuous (kVA):  4200.00
60Hz Continuous (kVA):  5100.00
Voltage Designation:  Low/Medium/High
Voltage Range:  380-13800
AVR:  DM110
Poles:  4
Winding Pitch:  2/3


Ingress Protection:  IP23

AVR Options:  No AVR
Material Insulation Class:  H/F
Excitation System:  PMG
Options:  IP23 Air Filters
                  Anti-Condensation Heaters
                 Single Bearing Arrangement


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