STAMFORD S6 Series Bruthless Generator Set Aalternator 1400kva 1695kva

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The STAMFORD® S6 is part of the STAMFORD® S-Range with a voltage output of 380-480V. This low voltage alternator features products with new design with optimised power density cores.

The S6 range of products has enhanced thermal management through the CoreCooling™ high efficiency air flow system. The STAMFORD® S6 dedicated alternator can achieve improved thermal performance alongside increased power density. Power range from 810kVA to 1400kVA at 400V/50Hz and 1000kVA to 1695kVA at 480V/60Hz.


50Hz Continuous (kVA):  1400.00
60Hz Continuous (kVA) :  1695.00
Voltage Designation:  Low
Voltage Range:  380-480
AVR:  MX321 with PMG
Poles:  4
Winding Pitch:  2/3


Ingress Protection:  IP44

AVR Options:  DECS150

                            MX341 with PMG
                            No AVR
Material Insulation Class:  H
Excitation System:  PMG
Options:  3 phase re-connectable
                  Double Bearing Arrangement
                  IP23 Air Filters
                  IP44 Air Filters
                  Winding RTDs
                  Anti-condensation Heaters


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