Wandi 340-500KW China Brand Diesel Engine Generator Set WD269TAD38 WD269TAD41 WD269TAD43 WD269TAD45 WD269TAD50 WD269TAD56

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Implementation Standards

GB/T2820-2009 idt ISO8528-2005,YD/T502-2007,GB/T20136-2006 ect.

Optional control system brand

HGM series/deep sea DSE series/Kemai series

Product Overview

  1. Use environment: altitude ≤3000 meters, ambient temperature -40℃~+55℃, relative humidity ≤85%(25℃);
  2. Unit basic performance: rated voltage 400V/230V, rated frequency 50Hz, rated power factor 0.8(lag), protection class IP22, insulation class H;
  3. Unit load characteristics: resistance, motor (asynchronous AC motor), SCR rectifier filter, UPS, etc;
  4. The unit is equipped with a 10-hour base tank or a split tank. The tank is equipped with a low oil level switch and gives an alarm signal at 20% or 50%(self-setting);
  5. Integral crankshaft, gantry type body, flat cut connecting rod, short piston, compact and reasonable appearance;
  6. The new type of constricted combustor is adopted to increase the fuel injection pressure and improve the combustion process, so as to reach the environmental protection index: the emission value of exhaust pollutants conforms to JB8891-199;
  7. Noise symbol station GB14097-1999 requirements and margin;
  8. Lubrication and cooling system optimization design, reduce the number of external pipes and parts, use the overall brushless AC generator to greatly improve the triple leakage, greatly enhance the reliability;
  9. It adopts J98 and J114b exhaust gas turbocharger matching, which has strong plateau working ability. When used in plateau area with altitude of 5000m, the power decrease is less than 3%;
  10. 138 series diesel engine is 135 series improved, the basic parts of the 135 common, by the national large enterprise Wuxi power machine production.


WANDI Technical Parameters(340-500KW)
Genset Model AWD375S ADC400S ADC400S AWD450S AWD520S AWD550S
Rated Power(KW/KVA) 340/425 360/450 380/475 400/500 460/575 500/625
Standby Power(KW/KVA) 375/468 400/500 420/525 450/550 506/632 550/687
Rated Current(A) 613 649 685 721 829 902
Weight(kg) 4200 4420
Size(mm) 3850×1500×1850 3950×1550×1900
Model WD269TAD38 WD269TAD41 WD269TAD43 WD269TAD45 WD269TAD50 WD269TAD56
Manufacturer WANDI
Continuous Power(KW) 382 418 432 465 506 560
Standby Power(KW) 420 460 476 512 556 616
Number of Cylinders 12
Cylinder Diameter*Stroke(mm) 138×150
Cylinder Arrangement V-type
Compression Ratio 15.6:1
Displacement(L) 26.9
Intake Type Exhaust gas turbocharger
Cooling Type Tank fan cooling
Rated Speed(rpm) 1500
Fuel Consumption(g/kwh) ≤198
Discharge Temperature(℃) ≤600
Unpitched Sound(db) 104
Speed Regulation Electric fuel injection
Alternator Nominal Voltage(V) 400/230
Alternator(Optional) Wandi, Stamford, Engga, Marathon, Elmaer, Leroy-Somer, etc.
Rated Capacity(KW/KVA) 340/425 360/450 380/475 400/500 460/575 500/625
Rated Power Factor 0.8(lag)
Exciter Type Self Excitation Brushless
Maximum Voltage Adjustment Rate ±1%
Phase Three-phase Four-wire
Control Cabinet Model TBZK880
Controller(Optional) SmartGen, Deepsea, Comap
Rated Capacity of Circuit Breaker(A) 630A 800A 1000A
Accumulator Rated Capacity(AH) 2×150AH  12V 2×165AH  12V 2×200AH  12V


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