Wandi 520-660KW China Brand Diesel Engine Generator Set WD287TAD58 WD287TAD61L

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Implementation Standards

GB/T2820-2009 idt ISO8528-2005,YD/T502-2007,GB/T20136-2006 ect.

Optional control system brand

HGM series/deep sea DSE series/Kemai series

Product Overview

  1. Use environment: altitude ≤3000 meters, ambient temperature -40℃~+55℃, relative humidity ≤85%(25℃);
  2. Unit basic performance: rated voltage 400V/230V, rated frequency 50Hz, rated power factor 0.8(lag), protection class IP22, insulation class H;
  3. Unit load characteristics: resistance, motor (asynchronous AC motor), SCR rectifier filter, UPS, etc;
  4. The unit is equipped with a 10-hour base tank or a split tank. The tank is equipped with a low oil level switch and gives an alarm signal at 20% or 50%(self-setting);
  5. Integral crankshaft, gantry type body, flat cut connecting rod, short piston, compact and reasonable appearance;
  6. The new type of constricted combustor is adopted to increase the fuel injection pressure and improve the combustion process, so as to reach the environmental protection index: the emission value of exhaust pollutants conforms to JB8891-199;
  7. Noise symbol station GB14097-1999 requirements and margin;
  8. Lubrication and cooling system optimization design, reduce the number of external pipes and parts, use the overall brushless AC generator to greatly improve the triple leakage, greatly enhance the reliability;
  9. It adopts J98 and J114b exhaust gas turbocharger matching, which has strong plateau working ability. When used in plateau area with altitude of 5000m, the power decrease is less than 3%;
  10. 138 series diesel engine is 135 series improved, the basic parts of the 135 common, by the national large enterprise Wuxi power machine production.


WANDI Technical Parameters(520-660KW)
Genset Model AWD570S AWD605S
Rated Power(KW/KVA) 520/650 560/700
Standby Power(KW/KVA) 570/712 616/770
Rated Current(A) 938 1010
Weight(kg) 5100
Size(mm) 4150×1680×1900
Model WD287TAD58 WD287TAD61L
Manufacturer WANDI
Continuous Power(KW) 580 618
Standby Power(KW) 638 680
Number of Cylinders 12
Cylinder Diameter*Stroke(mm) 138×160
Cylinder Arrangement V-type
Compression Ratio 15:01
Displacement(L) 28.7
Intake Type Exhaust gas turbocharger
Cooling Type Tank fan cooling
Rated Speed(rpm) 1500
Fuel Consumption(g/kwh) ≤198
Discharge Temperature(℃) ≤600
Unpitched Sound(db) 108
Speed Regulation Electric fuel injection
Alternator Nominal Voltage(V) 400/230
Alternator(Optional) Wandi, Stamford, Engga, Marathon, Elmaer, Leroy-Somer, etc.
Rated Capacity(KW/KVA) 520/650 560/700
Rated Power Factor 0.8(lag)
Exciter Type Self Excitation Brushless
Maximum Voltage Adjustment Rate ±1%
Phase Three-phase Four-wire
Control Cabinet Model TBZK880
Controller(Optional) SmartGen, Deepsea, Comap
Rated Capacity of Circuit Breaker(A) 1000A 1250A
Accumulator Rated Capacity(AH) 2×200AH  12V


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