Yuchai YC16VC3000-D31 YC16VC3300-D31 YC16VC3600-D31 Generator Set 1800-2200KW Genset

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The Yuchai generator set series adopts the YC series engine produced by Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., LTD., which can meet the national emission standards. Diesel or gas power is optional. The installed capacity of the generator set is 20KVA~3000KVA, which can cover the vast majority of customer needs.

Due to its advanced engine technology and cost management, this series of units has become the most cost-effective typical configuration in the industry. Since its launch, it has gained a very large market share and is welcomed by the majority of users.

With more than three thousand service networks all over the world, its after-sales service has become a highlight.

Execution standard

GB/T2820-2009 IDT ISO8528-2005, YD/T502-2007, GB/T20136-2006 ECT.

Optional alternator brand


The type table is annotated below

  1. Due to limited space, the data listed in this table are the main parameters, detailed parameters please contact us for consultation.
  2. The size and weight vary with the brand of the generator, please contact us for details.
  3. The model may be adjusted at any time, please consult us for the current model first.
  4. The final interpretation of this spectrum is reserved for the owner of “FJT” brand.


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